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Progress: n. improvement and/or growth and/or development which is a successful movement(s) towards a goal(s)

Are you making any progress? You may be half way there on your goal to reach a physical destination or half way through medical school. In either a simple or complicated goal you can usually assess how far you are in reaching it or how much progress you are making towards it.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you may not be able to reach a goal such as getting a job promotion but usually by making adjustments or gaining more knowledge or skills you can generally reach the goal unless it is a totally unrealistic one and depends on you having some basic talent which you lack.

Not everyone wants to progress in life, especially if they are happy with what they have but many humans have a desire to improve or experience new adventures and call it progress. We all progress towards eventual death so it is wise to ask yourself from time to time-Am I happy with the progress which I am making or should I make some minor or major adjustments in my progress?

Sometimes making progress is simply a matter of eliminating bad habits or replacing them with good habits. Stop eating unhealthy food, stop smoking, stop bad relationships, and quit a bad job. Put in positive terms this may mean eating more organic food, replacing smoking with healthy snacks, refreshments, or meditation, finding better friends or a new significant other, and landing a better job.

Sometimes progress means eliminating barriers or working around them. Your barriers may be an inadequate education, a bad personality, few useful skills, or humans in positions which you would want to be in. You can improve on your personal barriers or eliminate them to some extent but if human barriers are your problem then you may not be able to eliminate them or work around them.

Other humans can greatly impede your progress and if you can’t avoid them or drop them for better ones then you may have to deal with them until they leave or go elsewhere. Who you know is sometimes more important than what you know so try to get to know better humans with good contacts who can potentially help you in the future.

There are short duration goals and long duration goals and the smart humans try to make progress in both by spending some time working on a daily or regular basis focusing on long duration goals too. Not many want to seriously work on long duration goals but if you do then you will probably be one who will have some genuine true successes in their lives which will make the journey of life even more satisfying.

Live for today only and you may be derailed from your path abruptly one day and be at a loss of what to do next. Live for today and tomorrow and you will still have a destination to go to if you get derailed from your current normal path in life.

The key to making real progress in life is to live life in the present but to make some future plans or putting in some current effort for future goal achievement.

Just moving forward is making progress but HOW you move forward or progress is a very important question which you should try answering yourself since there are so many ways of doing so.

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