Promotion: n. motivating and helping a subset(s) to grow in importance frequently by increasing rank and/or privilege

Advertising of information, goods, and services can be thought of as being a promotion but the most common usage is when you are promoted to a better or more responsible position in an organization or job.

Human promotion frequently corresponds to an increase in status or rank and it is usually highly desirable by humans who want to be higher on the social pecking order.

Not everyone has a desire to be promoted and have a responsibility over more and more humans. Some employees don’t care if they are never promoted in their jobs to positions of management and this is perfectly acceptable because not everyone wants to manage other humans and be responsible for their behavior.

In school promotion from one grade to the next exists and most humans desire to be promoted that way but for some humans being promoted in life is not something they all desire. There are plenty of humans who just want to put in a good days work and don’t desire in the least to be leaders or managers of other humans who are often difficult to manage in this modern era of many disobedient, irresponsible, and somewhat selfish personalities.

Some businesses have poorly paid lower management positions where you theoretically have higher status but have to suffer through commuting to far away time consuming boring management conferences and making less money than the humans whom you manage. Promotion in these businesses is actually a sacrifice of your time, money, and energy and very few wish to be promoted in this way.

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