Preponderance of evidence or POE: n. a judgment by a jury and/or judge without trial on a dispute in favor of one(s) disputant(s) based on reputable persuasive probable cause evidence from a human(s) rather than from a relatively large quantity of disreputable and/or unpersuasive humans testifying in a (vague and/or confusing) and/or lying manner


Preponderance of evidence is frequently used in civil cases but there is no reason why a preponderance of the evidence could not also be used in an attempt to persuade a jury during a jury trial by claiming to have the preponderance of the evidence on your side. My side is reputable and persuasive with many facts on our side. The other side is filled with disreputable and unpersuasive humans with few facts who have testified in vague, confusing, and seemingly lying manners. Criminal or civil trials should have the same basic foundational principles for justice to prevail in most cases.

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