Make a meal or new recipe and you find out that some member of the family does not like the meal. The solution is to fill the refrigerator with organic food such as whole milk, organic eggs, fresh fish for sushi meals or steak tartar, and fill the pantry and kitchen cabinets with organic spices, unsweetened food products, organic pasta, organic unsweetened cereals, organic unsweetened snacks such as nuts, seeds, beans, blue corn tortilla chips, quinoa chips, etc. and let each family member prepare their own food only when they are hungry. 

Stop treating offspring with candy and sweet deserts which creates an unnatural sweet tooth craving and the resultant unhealthy overload of unnatural sweetened food products on supermarket shelves. The long duration effect is unhealthy overly sweet eating habits which damage long duration health. Switch to organic unprocessed naturally sweet fruits as treats for your offspring instead!!!!!!


Family members can choose anything that they want to eat from the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. No offspring will overeat again and may even be eating many times a day or snacking on what they personally like the best and not on some stupid artificial recipe which requires much frying and cooking and usually results in many greasy dishes.

As early as possible offspring should be taught to be their own personal chefs making food which they like the best from the food which you provide for the home and judiciously shop for when at the supermarket.

Let family members make their own soups with as many ingredients as possible in them with organic noodles, pasta, rice, beans, etc. that they like, diced meats and fish that they like, the organic spices which they like in the quantities that they like, with an assortment of diced organic vegetables which they like, and provide organic fruits in the open on the kitchen counter top for healthy snacking during the day. Healthy soups should be a mixture of as many tasty ingredients as possible because if you add one tasty ingredient to another the result is a tasty byproduct.

Family meals are an archaic tradition which should come to a speedy end!!!!!!

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