Ethan Siegel in this article shows clearly that unknown dark mass and/or matter must exist and maybe takes part in little bangs which form galaxies. What I disagree with him on is that there was a big bang for the universe as a whole since it has always existed and will always exist into the foreseeable future.

Does dark mass follow the laws of physics with the same relationships between dark mass, dark energy, and dark gravity? No one will have concise answers until we have instrumentation which measures the dark frequencies or energy involved in the equations.

Dark is unknown and unmeasurable so until nature reveals this information with human made detection devices, we will never know the true answer to what dark mass or matter, dark frequencies, dark energy, and dark gravity are.

To make statements that there are percentages of dark mass and energy is an absurdity because how can you mathematically determine the percentage if you can’t even measure the dark substances. It is a colossal myth to state that there are dark percentages of substances in the universe. All scientists are just not smart enough to calculate percentages of the unknown. It is scientific bullshit!!!!!!

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