The happy cat lapped up the water at room temperature which was in a semi-circular 500ml bowl and ate the table scrap diced raw meat or fish from another similar shaped 500ml bowl and a third similar stainless steel bowl which contained whole milk from the refrigerator.

When we are away from home for one or two weeks we place some organic dry cat food in a self feeding tray with self feeding water tray and make sure the litter box is accessible and filled with odor reducing cat litter. No cat care is necessary during vacation time or extended stays away from home.

All the 3 bowls lay on an easy to clean vinyl floor cleaned with a cheap money saving steam mop which only has to be used about once every 6 months since the cat and family are careful not to spill food or milk on the floor and walk in with dirty shoes but everyone moves around the house in their bare feet or thick white cotton socks in the winter time.

 We never have a safety problem because both us and the children don’t run in the house but walk slowly and don’t slip on the smooth floor in our socks in the winter time.

 We all try to eat healthy certified organic food without frying it in oils so we have only water cleanup for the dishes easily and efficiently done by hand with warm water and sponge.

 We save a lot of money and energy by not using the dishwasher, oven or frying our food on a pan and practically have no need for soap or unnatural cleaning aids. We clean everything with tap water or very warm water or steamed water!

Let’s compress the beach towel and get it as dry as possible by using both hands

The dewdrops on the grass are caused by the condensation of water vapor in the air onto the blades of grass where it shows itself in liquid form as droplets.

The dewdrops disappear in about half an hour because they are evaporated by the heat of the sun’s energy when the sun begins to shine in the morning.

That is a porous sponge with many holes in it that absorbs the water very well and so is your paper towel very porous with a lot of air trapped between the paper fibers which absorb the water fast and efficiently saving you time.

The water in your glass is a form of liquid matter which when poured into the glass takes on the shape of its contoured or nongeometric shape.

When you hear a high pitch in the music you listen to which sounds very shrill the reason is that the frequency of the sound wave entering your ear is also high, or high frequency sound impacting your eardrum.

When it snows the snow comes from the clouds where the temperature is usually much below freezing thus causing the formation of water crystals or snowflakes each with its own unique design pattern of water crystals.

If you don’t have a high compression ratio in your car cylinders or a high performance car such as a BMW you can use regular gas in all other cars and save a lot of money with the same good mileage economy that premium gas gives you.

Premium gas does not make your car stronger or run better so save a boatload of money with regular gas in your family car.

When you drive your car the potential or stored energy in your gasoline is released into kinetic energy which moves the parts of your car that make it go forward fast or slow by releasing more potential energy when going fast than when moving at slower speeds.

 Money is like stored potential energy and the faster and longer you drive the more energy you use up and also you use up more money the faster you spend it and the longer you live.

 The lesson is to not do jackrabbit takeoffs with the car which waste a lot of energy or money and only try to use your car for necessary trips or you are wasting a lot of money or energy going places for no particular reason other than perhaps the thrill of the ride which will cost you plenty by the end of the month when you have big bills to pay.

The cost per kilowatt hour is 12 cents for electricity and it costs about 75 cents per kilowatt hour for solar power or 6 times more expensive or 6 times more money.

If you use solar power for your home for heating up water in the pool or your water heater or for charging your batteries it will cost you 6 times more money than using electricity.

 Stay away from solar power unless you are powering an electrical device while hiking in the woods, in a remote farm area, or in the desert without access to electrical power.

Remember on cloudy days and at night your solar power will be useless since you won’t have any sunlight or power your electrical devices.



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