The cheetah lifespan is from 10 to 12 years and sometimes as long as 17 years in captivity. The predatory shark which mostly cruises and bursts into momentary action to catch prey has an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The migratory wildebeest lifespan is about 20 years. The lumbering or slow moving elephant lives to about 70 years. The slow Galapagos tortoise lifespan is over 100 years.  The average pope lives to be about 86 years old and many do not have an active exercise routine to keep them healthy.

We can infer from these lifespan facts that the fastest sprinters live the shortest lifespan, the marathon running wildebeest lives longer or about 20 years, and the slow elephant and slowest large tortoise lives the longest.

In effect, if you run or exercise very fast much or do much marathon running then your joints and body will wear out much faster. If you lead a relatively slow paced life with mostly walking and sitting still then your life will generally be longer unless you eat unhealthy food which will lead to metabolic deterioration sooner than with healthy organic food.

The primary wear and tear on your body comes from too much exercise, too stressful a job, and too much unhealthy food. What is too much? That sometimes is an individual question to be answered because you can abuse your body if you have good genes and get away with much more abuse than if you have bad genes and abuse your body the same way.

Running as a way of life is foolish and if you do it at all then it should be in moderation such as slowly running for 5 to 10 minutes once in a while, sprinting fast for about 2 minutes once in a while, and fast walking for about 20 minutes about three days a week.

If all you do is housework then that is usually enough exercise for the average human. The average human is not a body builder nor an extreme athlete so we should not base our exercise routines on what they do to stay in normal physical form all the time.

If you want a technological comparison then you must know that the heart of a racecar, its engine, does not last very long when driven at fast speeds. Usually the faster the speed the more quickly the engine will wear out due to high heat, friction, and very fast moving parts.

The lesson is to do something fast in moderation but don’t become a fanatic about it if you want to live a long life and healthy life with good genes and eating as much organic food as you can afford.

One example does not prove the rule but my dad was a cooperative manager, tailor, led an active life moving around, almost never ran, walked routinely in his retirement years for about 30 minutes each day, didn’t smoke, drank occasionally, and lived to a ripe old age of 99 before his bladder gave out from wear and tear.

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