Truth beyond a reasonable doubt or TBRD: n. is unaltered and/or unmodified audio visual dated and timed evidence in court from a reputable source proving something existed in the past with a certain amount of certainty even though audio visual evidence can be tampered with very skillfully and pose as reality when it isn’t reality


In an increasingly immoral society with untrustworthy witnesses it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to prove that something, especially a crime existed in the past.


Professionals, authorities, and humans in general can lie under testimony in court and make a seemingly highly probable event an actual fictional occurrence. This is why the reputation of testifiers is increasingly becoming important in court verdicts because traditional undated and untimed evidence in the form of pictures is highly suspect because it may have been taken two days, a few months, or even years ahead of time and presented in court as evidence for a recent occurrence theoretically matching the evidence in court.


Until we have a more moral secular society many court verdicts will unfortunately be shams and as highly unreliable and as irresponsible as the humans who testify in court.


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