Obscure: v. to not meanmake accurately which is frequently because of an inaccurate expression and/or a very rare expression frequently done with the intention of hiding an important subset(s) and/or to deceptively communicate


Meanmake: v. to communicate relatively accurately making a personal subjective and/or objective correspondence(s)


Obscure words can obscure a meaningful conversation because they are usually very rare and few humans know about their true meaning. Obscuring understanding with inaccurately expressed thoughts and /or opinions is also sometimes done because a human is trying to hide important or privileged information.


Beating around the bush is a common expression used when a human is being obscure in an attempt to hide one or more things of importance. You can also obscure something with deception.


Not all obscuring is intentional and a human may just be inaccurately conveying information to you and being seemingly deceptive or confusing in the process.


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