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Young offspring are frequently more truthful than their parents, relatives, or friends and will come up with some truly embarrassing truisms telling it like it really is and not how society wants things to be viewed as through colored glasses, deceptions, or myths.

Here is the complete article from huffingtonpost.com


My comments follow. See if you agree, disagree, or partially agree:

On comment 2 the three year old daughter is obviously not part of a nudist family and thinks that penises should be hidden at home.

On comment 4 the three year old playing with a doll who can’t stand up vents her frustration and it is all due to cheap and incomplete unrealistic doll manufacturing which can be greatly improved though the cost would also have to be greater and maybe make it unaffordable for the family to purchase.

On comment 5 it is a reflection of outdated thinking by an elderly coach who still thinks that all shoes should be tied with laces and not modern Velcro laces.

On comment 7 a three year old daughter is already stereo typecast and feels mom should play with the doll that does the dishes which is stereotyped as being women’s work.

On comment 9 a three year old daughter asks her dad if boys and girls can wear dresses. Dad answers yes and the daughter says it’s not your style already being typecast into thinking that men shouldn’t wear dresses.

On comment 13 a four year old gets bored with a new junk cup in one day and honestly answers “Here, Mama. This is the worst cup I have ever seen.”

On comment 16 a creative 9 year old boy is told that saying “shut up” will hurt feelings so he honestly answers when he can’t take the incessant talking anymore-“Silence you peasant!”

On comment 17 a five year old daughter knows the meaning of the dollar and its association with work. Instead of pausing to chat with the daughter the daughter admonishes her mom to go back to work because she has many things that she wants her mom to buy for her.

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