Women and especially men may want to display the beautiful action of wild predators and prey, fighting wild animals, and portrait like pictures of wild animal heads. These can be on T-shirts, shirts, motor vehicles, tools, watches, cell phones and other personal property one is proud of and would like to display in public.

Many women on the other hand may choose to display pictures of wild animals with cute young or cute wild young alone on their T-shirts, shirts, dresses, motor vehicles, handbags, shoes, makeup boxes, glass containers, dishes, appliances, jewelry, and other personal property that they are proud to display to others.

The wild life should not be exclusively animals but also insects, birds, and reptiles, fish, and other sea creatures, waterfalls, rock formations, landscapes, trees, flowers, mushrooms, fungus, bacteria, etc. as long as there is some connection with wilderness or wildlife or non human altered nature.

We need to propagandize nature more than we do to develop a love and caring for precious endangered species and soon to be endangered ones. Wilderness and biodiversity will never be saved but merely exploited to the ultimate form of destruction or death if we don’t begin to worship, admire, respect, and conserve OR EVEN EXPAND wilderness and wildlife in the whole world!!!!!!

Wonderous real nature bright, totally focused, and inspiring should replace almost all artistic mutant imitations of it, especially the cheap versions which are an abomination to nature and the beautiful natural artistic reality which it stands for.

Don’t let young children draw their own mutant animal pictures but get them to collect cards with wonderous nature pictures and video themes on them. Let young offspring take selfies with real animals with their cell phones and not waste their time, energy, and money on mutant artistic creations which are natures crap to be destroyed or recycled into something more naturally beautiful.

Not sure what true natural beauty is? Then view some of my shared inspiring nature pictures on my blog with your family and learn to choose the best versions which you truly like and get a thrill from.

Nature is the antidote to depressed lives and more humans should get in touch with awesome inspiring true nature in pictures and videos. It can easily change depression into happiness. Give it more than a passing try but engross yourself in true natural beauty!!!!!! The payoff is healthy and priceless for the time, energy, and money invested in nature.

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