A picture and/or video can provide spatial and time information.  It can provide contrasting elements and color combinations.

It can be bright and sharp or have many elements of darkness or out of focus elements detracting from the overall effect.

Two or more subjects doing some dynamic action is more interesting and exciting than a profile or headshot or a standing still focused subject.

Family and group pictures rather than selfies are more interesting for human and animal  and plant shots.

The more illuminated a landscape or waterfall is the more pleasant impact it has on the eye and brain. High quality gifs totally focused are thousands of times better than a still shot of some dynamic movement in the scene.

If it is not perfection or as close as you can come to it then it is not worth your time, energy, and money if you are an adult who hopes someday to convert a hobby into a real job.  

Choose relatively short or small amounts of quality shots of exceptional scenes over abundant quantities of mediocre subjects all the time.

Yes, young offspring can be introduced to the joys of taking live pictures with a cellphone and the quality is frequently very good or good enough for an amateur photographer or camerahuman.

If you have a camera which has no flash photography or totally in focus capability then don’t waste your time, energy, and money taking crappy pictures as a hobby. You are delusional if you think that you will get the best quality shots with imperfect picture and/or video cameras.

The realm of picture and video taking is potentially so far advanced and advancing all the time in quality that you should save up and strive to function with this top of the line equipment for truly great potential shots of anything.

Diddle your life away with inferior equipment and you will end up where you started, nowhere important!!!!!!!


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