Utilitar: v. to make efficiently useful with beauty and/or large size being relatively unimportant


Most humans value great beauty and/or something with a large size and are impressed with both assuming that it holds some great natural power and therefore should be valued above all other less beautiful and smaller sized objects and lifeforms.


Our human obsession with the beautiful and large fails to disregard the fact that the efficient not so beautiful and small lifeforms and objects frequently have more usefulness in real life and are to be valued more and deserve more attention  because it is natural justice in action.


The efficient survive in nature who use the least amount of energy and beauty and large things use up much energy and money are frankly not worth the price one has to pay for them. The pleasure derived from beauty and largess is fleeting and not of the lasting variety or not very utilitarian.


That is why I have invented a new word utilitar which values efficiency above beauty and largess in real life decisions, problem solving, and life and living in general.


Humanities obsession with beauty and largess is destroying biodiversity and the world with it and it is time to change our priorities and fast while we still can as an endangered species in the long duration.


The dinosaurs were big, beautiful, powerful, inefficient, and frightening but they died out due to more efficient lifeforms coming along and replacing them. There was no disastrous holocaust or drastic change in the earth’s climate that gradually destroyed them all. It was more efficient clever pack species evolving to eat their eggs and maybe even young and made them gradually die out but not catastrophically so.


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