Usual: adj. a habitual and/or common and/or very frequent subset(s)


Give me the usual beer, wine, donuts, coffee, cigarettes, etc. This is usually an indication that you have developed hard to break habits and are basically stuck in your usual routines and not open to much change or experimentation in your life.


If your usual habits are healthy then it is not so bad but if they are things injurious to your health and good daily routine then the usual should really not be good enough for you and it is time for change.


Try the unusual once in a while and experiment. Yes, most of the experimentation will not be worth it and you will probably be rather disappointed.


However, once in a while you will taste a new food, new drink, or new way of doing things and you will ask yourself. Why didn’t I try this a long time ago? I have been missing much in my life and should have experimented earlier to get to this fantastic result.


Variety is the spice of life so do something unusual in your life once in a while to get out of your daily boring routine which you should not be burdened with the rest of your life!!!


 Business as usual probably means no innovation and the likelihood that the business will stagnate and not last very long. 

Family life as usual is also an indication that maybe you need to add some variety to your family life to make it interesting enough to be a part of for the long duration.

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