Declutter: v. to remove unnecessary subsets from a disorderly and/or overcrowded place

The key to decluttering the house, business, or office desk is to ask-“What is the frequency of use?” If the answer is never use it then the item should be removed from the premises or recycled if possible.

If the item is used frequently then of course you should consider holding on to it or starting to make plans to replace it if it will break down in the near future.

We all have things we don’t need in our house and if we are hoarders then most of the stuff can be thrown out.

Ask yourself. Will I use this item within the next 5 years and it costs less than $100? If the answer is no I won’t use it then definitely throw it out. If the item is worth about $50 or less and you will not use it in the next three years then you should probably throw it out too.

Items which you may choose to keep are camping, traveling, or vacation gear and survival food which you may only use about once every five years.

The frequency of the thing to be thrown out is the key. How many times will I use the item this year? If you won’t use it this year even once and it is less than $50 then throw it out.

Ask.  Is  a thing just a fond childhood memory or toy which can’t be passed on to grandchildren for reuse? If it is unrecyclable to future generations then throw the dam thing out.

If you fear throwing things out then instead of throwing things out see if you can unload those things on thrift shops, goodwill stores, or collectors of memorabilia. If you think it is as valuable as a $50 item or more then try to sell it on Ebay.

Throw it out, recycle it, donate it to charity, or sell it to a sucker at a garage sale with a buying impulse or a hoarder who will buy almost anything.

If it is memorabilia that you have too much of then take a digital picture of it and store it in a personal digital file but throw the damn item out physically!!!

That in a nutshell is how to declutter your house, business, or office and simplify your life and make it more efficient!!!


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