Usefulness: n. doing a subset(s) to achieve a goal(s)

If you are doing something useful then chances are good that you are achieving short and/or long duration goals which you have set for yourself. Of course you can survive or live another day and that is useful too but true usefulness is doing things which will improve your life soon or at a later date.


A useful tool or car is something that is usually reliable, worth the price, and something which you can feel a little pride in because it does a job efficiently and well or gets you to a desired destination in a timely reliable way.


Some humans are more useful than others because they have more knowledge, experience, or a better education from which you can benefit in some way if you are friendly with that human. If they sacrifice some of their time in being nice to you and teaching you some new vital information which you may not have been aware of then it can become very useful in your life.


Sometimes pets too are useful which teaches one to love animals and the responsibility of caring for them. For older humans pets can even become good companions and dogs especially may motivate you to get a little walking exercise every day for your own personal good health benefit.


Unfortunately the use and discard or throw away philosophy has resulted in many throw away or discarded relationships among humans. If a human is no longer useful in your life then your start looking for a better replacement or a more useful one.


Family life frequently suffers when one party feels the lifestyle is no longer very useful to them in the long duration.


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