High oppressive taxation of its citizens and extortion of money from the wealthy are making more and more enemies for ISIS within its controlled territory. Intel is being gathered in increasingly greater amounts from turncoats in the population. The leader of ISIS has been killed and more leaders will face the same fate in the future if it does not reform its practices and eventually become part of greater Iraq again.

ISIS could try soviet style military rule and shoot any of its soldiers in the back for not defending its existent territory which is dwindling by the month. Unless ISIS succeeds in imposing more tyrannical rule over the population, I predict that ISIS in its present form will soon no longer exist.

The New York Times states that according to the Rand study ISIS is strong financially but the real question is for how long? Tikrit has fallen, Ramadi is probably next and soon ISIS in its original dogmatic form will change or cease to control the vast territory which it acquired so quickly.

Holding on to that territory is becoming a greater challenge than conquering it militarily in the first place.  If the humans whom you control no longer begin to fear you then you are in trouble politically and unless ISIS becomes as ruthless as Sadam Hussein, I predict no great longevity for the New Islamic State which ISIS now controls.


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