Urge: v. to try to intensely and persistently persuade a human(s) to do a subset(s) and/or to impulsively relatively infrequently intensely desire to do a subset(s)


Urging on someone who is reluctant to do something is sometimes a frustrating impossible task, especially if it has to do with a new food or going against a strong opinion. We all try to urge our offspring to eat their vegies but sometimes with little success unless we flavor it up with a favorite dressing.


Sometimes persistent urging pays of and the human just gets tired of the nagging and gives in and does what he or she was urged to do in the first place.


There is a fine line between urging and nagging because nagging is an annoying form of urging which is excessive and unpleasant to hear. We usually urge humans to do something which should be good for them and not something which they are categorically against and consider bad which is what nagging frequently is.


Sometimes we have an intense internal urge to do something which is our mind is saying do this as soon as possible. Once again there is a fine line between your mind urging you to do something relatively infrequently which is a little bit different from an addiction which is a constant urge to want to drink alcoholic beverages.


In effect you can urge others to do something or your mind can be urging you to do something.

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