Unique: adj. existing as one


Despite the general lie that everyone is equal you personally are unique with your own unique gene combination which gives you different mental and physical abilities than anyone else in the world.


Yes, there are common shared characteristics or traits which most humans have but we have different memory powers and different emotional sensibilities with unique parents who gave us our unique biological endowment.


Since we are so different we should be permitted to utilize our inherent powers to optimize growth potential at a rate which we can handle and for however long it takes to learn knowledge and skills necessary for a useful job in society.


We may also choose the alternative which is living on welfare totally dependent on the government and taxpayers at a very basic standard of living without a motorized vehicle for transportation which you don’t need if all your basic needs are delivered door to door wherever you live.


Want to rejoin the working class with privileges of motorized vehicles? Then get free technological and scientific education over the internet with your own effort, ability, and achievement at any age. You may get bored living in the total welfare class and decide to learn your way out of it at ANY age NO MATTER HOW OLD!!!!!!

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