Unjust: adj. not being a standard of moral rightness and/or social rightness and/or lawfulness without reference to one’s own personal choice which may be different


An unjust law you suffer from personally because they are made for special interests with money power and if you are an average person then they handicap you in certain ways businesswise or impose personal hardship.


Not everyone is equal with equal rights and laws which particularly injure or hurt the handicapped abound.


If someone is being immoral then they are acting unjustly and if someone is not conforming to social norms then humans can suffer injustice for their deviant but not dangerous points of view and/or behavior(s).


Unjust taxation is the greatest enemy of the middle class with many legal exemptions for the poor and the very rich.


Unfair is frequently the term used when someone supposedly has more wealth than you and does not take into consideration the fact that they frequently have worked hard for the money and perhaps even taken considerable risks financially.


It is not unfair that some are wealthier than others but it is unjust that the unemployed and also destitute are not afforded FREE TECHNOLOGICAL AND SCIENCE EDUCATION OVER THE INTERNET so that they can learn out of their poverty with personal effort, ability, and achievement AT ANY AGE. This particularly should apply to young unemployed adults who need to be reeducated for the largely technological job market in the 21st century.

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