Travis Bradberry lists and briefly describes 11 things which can make a human irresistible and the top four are-

Be polite and respectful

Treat others the way they want to be treated         (this one is a little tricky because if you have an egomaniac who wants to be praised much then you don’t cater to his weakness by praising him or her much but you do perhaps praise them more than you would other humans. Also the human may have a weakness for certain foods or drinks which may not be all that good for their health but you recognize this and cater somewhat to these personal tastes so they feel that you care about them and what they like too even though you might not fully approve. If a human has weaknesses then don’t support them so much that they may begin to feel that the weaknesses are indeed normal and nothing to worry about. The key here is to recognize that there are individual differences and that not everyone wants to be treated the way that you would want to be treated called the golden rule.)

You must have integrity

You must differentiate between facts which don’t vary and opinions which are many and you recognize that humans have a right to them even without agreeing with you

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