Unmotivation: n. preventing a behavior(s) with a subset(s)

When you unmotivated someone you essentially take away their motivation to do something. When you plan to go to the park and the forecast is rain in about half an hour then you lose you motivation to want to go to the park.

Similarly you may lose your motivation to eat dinner if your offspring fractures a toe or has a concussion and needs immediate emergency medical treatment or a ride to the hospital as soon as possible.

Some humans are basically lazy by nature and don’t have the motivation to do much of anything so they remain unmotivated until perhaps a crisis arrives and shakes them out of their laziness.

It would be great if you could unmotivated someone from a bad drug or alcohol addiction but sometimes it takes a crisis situation to get them to do something about their major problem.

Saying “no” to your offspring will frequently unmotivate them from engaging in mischief or misbehavior but sometimes you may have to do more and threaten them with a punishment such as the withdrawal of a major privilege.

Some humans can’t be unmotivated from a bad habit unless you instill a fear of death or something almost as serious. Some doctors have tried to instill the fear of death in grossly overweight and sick humans and some alcoholics with liver problems by telling them they only have 6 months to live if they don’t change from the bad habit. Sometimes this kind of a threat works but sometimes even the fear of imminent death will not keep away some from a very addictive habit.

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