Treatment: n. affecting a lifeform(s) to achieve a medical and/or behavioral goal(s)

Humans, animals, and plants are sometimes treated medically or chemically to cure them or improve their health. Sometimes the treatment is only behavioral and there is an attempt to correct behavior flaws in the lifeform(s).

There is a flood of pills being prescribed in the psychiatric profession for mental disorders which can only be permanently cured with healthy food and drink and radical behavior modification which means switching to a new environment with new good friends as opposed to a bad environment with bad friends.

The medical profession and its plethora of pills which don’t cure but mask symptoms and create undesirable side effects which are then treated with more pills. My cousin started out with one blood thinning pill and in two years time was taking 10 pills for the same initial problem and died. It is time to sue the medical profession for gross malpractice and advertising medications on TV should be outlawed!!!!!! The medical pill money machine should be hit in the pocket book where it really helps and the sooner it is done the better!!!

We have a national severe addiction to pills which is not only making chemical imbalances in the brain worse but is ruining the normal functioning metabolism of millions of patients who basically need good organic food and drink, moderate exercise, and relationships with better moral humans without debilitating addictions of all kinds.

True rehabilitation or the proper treatment takes time, effort, and money which is not available to the average mental patient and it is a tragedy which is reflected in almost a quarter of the population on some kind of mind altering drugs prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists. When will this injustice ever be addressed because it is getting worse not better with each passing year!!!!!!??????

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