Symptom: n. an identified bodily subset(s) which implies the possibility of unhealth


One symptom alone does not always imply that you have a serious medical problem. A headache may simply be a sign that you had too much stress during the day or that you worked too hard mentally. Many symptoms are transitory or don’t last very long and they are warning signs that you may not be living right but are not necessarily a cause for alarm.


If you have two or more symptoms which are unusual or abnormal then of course the situation may demand some serious attention and perhaps a medical diagnosis.


Heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, etc. may be one symptom which basically means that you are not eating right or living right. Instead of listening to your body and making the appropriate adjustments to lifestyle many take over the counter medications to try to quickly fix a problem which has underlying real reasons which should really be corrected first.


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