071014-N-0066L-030 MIRAMAR, Calif. (Oct. 14, 2007) - A C-130 Hercules provides simultaneous in-flight refueling to two CH-53E Super Stallions during the Miramar air show. Each of HerculesÕ two fuel pods can transfer up to 300 gallons per minute during in-flight refueling. The 2007 Miramar Air Show focused on the joint power of military aviation by bringing Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army assets together in one of the largest military air shows in the country. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class George Labidou (RELEASED)


Simultaneous: adj. two or more subsets existing together in time and/or done at the same time

Riding a bicycle and singing at the same time is doing something simultaneously. Simultaneous occurrences such as two humans trying to talk to you at the same time are relatively infrequent occurrences but there are relatively many simultaneous activities such as eating and watching TV or driving and listening to music.


Multitasking should not be confused with simultaneous activity because in multitasking you alternate your attention between one activity and another and are not really doing the two activities simultaneously or at the same time.

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