Selfconsciousness: n. being knowledgeable about and sensing one’s own actions and/or thoughts on circumstances


Most adults react habitually and impulsively to most things and any selfconsciousness that they may have has been programmed into their brain by early prior experiences. Being selfconscious about one’s looks and about social interactions is a learned behavior early in life and follows most humans throughout their lives and only changes gradually if at all.


If you are frequently asking yourself if you look good or whether what you said to someone was the right thing then it is your selfconsciousness asserting itself over and over again. You may feel that you need to look good and behave well in public but may have ongoing doubts about whether you looked as good as you could or whether you behaved appropriately.


Humans who really look good and behave well in public are usually confident of their impact and are conscious of their power to please. Confident adults are seldom plagued with selfdoubt and are not captive to the social fears, selfdoubt, and corresponding selfconsciousness which afflicts the common imperfect human.

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