Selfdestructive: adj. causing personal injury to one’s body and/or reputation


Getting involved in a stupid accident, doing drugs, or injuring oneself in a high risk activity is bodily selfdestruction. Injury to one’s personal reputation can be even more devastating for some who have reached the pinnacle of social success only to have it destroyed with one or more moral blunders.

There are also selfdestructive personalities which are so bad that most attempts at socialization meet with almost instantaneous rejection or ostracism. Lying, stealing, and adultery are the major blows to a potentially good reputation.

There are also personality flaws such as gossiping, back stabbing, ridicule, insults, put downs, name calling, nagging, harsh criticism, etc. which can make humans avoid you as much as possible and you will find that any relationships which you may have will be severely handicapped.

Bodily selfdestruction is obvious except perhaps for drug or chemical addictions but not so many humans are aware of their selfdestructive personality tendencies. Rarely will you be offered constructive honest criticism for being an asshole unless you have close caring friends who will honestly point out your selfdestructive flaws.

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