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Enlightenment: n. giving a human(s) more knowledge and understanding about a subset(s)


There are some who seek enlightenment on a variety of subjects and circumstances. Some go to special sometimes expensive retreats where such learning can take place and still others seek enlightenment by reading and searching the internet for useful knowledge.


Whatever area of interest which you may have there are probably many trying to make money fulfilling your enlightenment interest. Humans prefer other humans to join in their enlightenment experiences. There is power and a secure feeling in numbers and certain enlightenment experiences with charismatic leaders can be the starting point for political or spiritual movements which grow and flourish.


I prefer selfenlightenment which basically means getting the useful knowledge and understanding with the resources which you have. Search the internet on your own, go to reliable sources, learn useful knowledge, and get a greater understanding about yourself and the world which you live in.

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