Receptive: adj. able and willing to receive a subset(s)

When we are calm, relaxed, and listening to a respected human then we are generally in a receptive mood. If we are upset or stressed out from a hard day at work and listening to a human whom we don’t respect then we may not be that receptive and will have a tendency to disagree with some of what is said.

Emotional mood and the human that we are interacting with will frequently determine whether we are in a receptive state or one where we will disagree or oppose what is being said, especially if it is a controversial topic and something which we would disagree with even when in a receptive state.

When you are trying to get someone to try something new it is wise to put them in a receptive mood with a compliment, reassurance, and appropriate humor if possible.

A little humor, a modest approach, and summarizing the point of the speech will frequently put an audience into a receptive state where they are willing to intently listen to what you have to say.

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