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Bulb-tentacle Sea Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor - Blasenanemone Taken in Bali, Indonesia

Bulb-tentacle Sea Anemone – Entacmaea quadricolor – Blasenanemone
Taken in Bali, Indonesia

d50e17b304ab8cc8bca71b070070f727 d8777e193eaeb83d6e545e4e07943151 d8324411fe6d9e9a02edf1c0d1e2f7eb e1a2385fc5fd85beacd17717514627a1 e727d6e74ec1c0079625661b3d1c18f3 e769ef4a7af02ced6fd365a93264693c e7461acb480344f438a2c4550cbd4b0f eb1c4776320c13dea4ddbd34c69086cd eb12c1d5972f66b0e4ea74bddfaa7f3e edd171bf18f6da468fb2548fca225457 f1c0cd6d714456ad95b31d30546af150 f8f39460aff37515a5bc410f4f3c8dbc f98c986ff901c612295859e5ad85ddc8 f4659a77ffd9ec3f10963fd1f1f57e1d fd9821820c3de893fedbc1d5f65086c3 fe9eeb5ce706b7d1423fbfe39d9af37b ff48db4e39774dc7ce57677b8201ad78


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