Prove: v. to convince that a subset(s) exists and/or has existed and/or will exist beyond a reasonable doubt

Science proves theories about physical reality with repeatable scientific lab experiments and mathematics.

Unfortunately proving human behavior is not possible because human emotions, feelings, and physical behavior is badly defined and can’t be observed accurately in the laboratory.

Only statistical norms are possible with human behavior and not accurate mathematical equations. Statistics don’t prove any cause effect relationships but merely point to a probability that you will behave a certain way under certain badly defined circumstances. If you or a collection of humans lie or are being deceptive then even statistical results have doubtful validity and certainly can’t prove anything about you.

In a court of law proving something beyond a reasonable doubt with evidence must take into consideration the reputation of testifying individuals. If the humans are untrustworthy or with criminal records then proving something happened becomes a sham or failure at finding out the truth about past events.

Political and social science is really not a science at all but an excursion into badly constructed statistical norms with no clear cause effect relationships which is necessary when truly proving anything.

When you ask someone to prove it then it is only possible for recorded facts such as a proof that you are earning a certain salary with your paycheck. Proving unverifiable facts is a leap of faith and a possible belief only usually exists if the human has an excellent reputation and is not known for lying or deceiving humans.

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