Promise: v. to communicate and try to create trust or confidence in another that one will or will not do something in the future and/or that a subset(s) will exist in the future.

If you make a promise then you should try to fulfill it to the best of your ability because if you don’t then it is equivalent to you lying about what you will do in the future. Your reputation will suffer if you don’t fulfill promises and humans will stop believing in your promises and act accordingly.

You can consider a promise to be a contract with someone to do something in the future. If you fail to do so then you have violated or broken the contractual agreement and faith or belief in you will be degraded.

Sometimes there are valid excuses for not fulfilling a promise such as getting stuck in traffic or a more important obligation may surface between the time the promise is destined to be fulfilled.

The danger is in starting to make promises and then depending on imaginary creative excuses to get out of fulfilling the promise. Unless it is a real and serious excuse, don’t depend on excuses to get you out of fulfilling a promise because the more excuses you make the less humans will believe in your promises and they will consider you to be a liar.

What are the results of not fulfilling a promise? The human to whom you made the promise will be disappointed and will frequently be justifiably angry at you. If you don’t fulfill a promise it is really a form of lying and the next time that you make a promise humans will be less inclined to trust you and it will decrease the quality of your relationship with them. If you want the bad reputation of an unreliable human then don’t fulfill your promises.

Not being punctual is breaking a promise and it can cost your employer time, energy, and money and even lead to a firing if it becomes a bad habit.

Showing up late for a party or social gathering and keeping your host guessing whether you will show up at all is becoming a common practice in society and humans begin to think that being late for a date or not being home when promised is also not a terrible bad habit. The fact is that it is a form of wasting someone’s time and your reputation for being reliable will be in the toilet with the human whose time you have wasted.

Promising to do something and then procrastinating about it or never doing it at all is not fulfilling a promise and a lie which more than upsets the humans who are affected by your failure to come through. If you do it too frequently then you will no longer have a trusting relationship and you will have the reputation of being a liar or a lazy good for nothing human.

Many in society promise easy money, beauty, weight loss, health, fame, and fortune if you buy or use their product or service and they are lies with disappointment and failure being the true consequences of believing those lies. The gullible or trusting public is the reason why so many untrue promises are made and many become unjustly rich with their deceptions and lies. Remember, that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is a total lie or a clever deception which you should not fall for.

Making a promise to strangers and not fulfilling them will not hurt you as much as making promises to your offspring, spouse, or close friends and not fulfilling them. If you promise not to make a mistake again or do a bad behavior again then make sure that you will follow through and make the necessary change but don’t make the promise if it is one of your bad habits and not likely to change at all.

Promising to buy a toy, go fishing, or attend an important school event and not fulfilling it will not only cause disappointment in your offspring but it will even cause them to doubt whether you really love them or not.

Historically being a man or woman of your word used to mean much in a relationship and sadly it is still one of the main reasons why modern relationships suffer when promises are not kept.

Did you ever promise to show up on time, promise to do a household chore, promise to never make a stupid mistake again, promise to attend an important event, and promise to be faithful? Don’t fulfill a promise and someone will be hurt or offended even though you may feel it is no great transgression.

Not fulfilling a promise is a form of lying and humans have every right to become upset. Yes, there are times when you get caught in a traffic jam, have more important obligations to do, or just never had the time to fulfill a promise and these excuses are accepted by many because they are reasonable since the future is sometimes unpredictable and can wreak havoc on a promise.

Unfortunately breaking your promises with excuses each time can become a bad habit and you will soon be thought of as an unreliable and untrustworthy human to stay away from. Don’t show up at work on time too frequently and you will be fired and don’t show up for a first date on time and your reputation will be in the toilet in most cases.

Punctuality is no longer revered as it once was and humans frequently waste their time, energy, and sometimes money waiting on someone to show up and develop a very bad opinion of the offender.

Advertisements are filled with deceptive promises of beauty, health, longevity, good dates, sexual success, educational success, security, social status, and sudden great wealth which are all hidden lies. Society permits false promises or lying and it is no wonder that the common man and woman are also making many false promises to each other and don’t realize that the relationship is suffering from an absence of total trust which is what happens when you are not honest, sincere, and reliable in your relationship.

Don’t make a promise which you don’t intend to keep and you will become a more trustworthy and reliable human who is more respected and admired by others including your significant other.

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