Pretentious: adj. misleading with fraud and/or deception


Pretentious humans try to deceive others with fraudulent personalities which seem trustworthy and appealing but are far from it. Keeping up a pretention in the long duration is next to impossible and your true personality will surface given enough time.

You can make a living being pretentious legally since that is what actors do for a living.

If you fall madly in love with someone but aren’t sure if you are being loved back then the smart thing to do is to give them plenty of time to reveal their true inner self which will surface sooner or later.

Some infatuations result in quickie marriages which last a lifetime but most crash and burn because the couple is usually only superficially compatible for a committed relationship.

Con artists are pretentious par excellence and often try to disappear from view once they have fully defrauded their gullible victims.

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