Plan: v. to record and/or memorize a detailed series of actions and/or diagrams which will be used to help in achieving a subset(s) and/or goal(s) in the future

You can memorize and/or record a plan and use it to help you to build or make something or to help you to reach a desired goal(s). There are military, organizational, business, architectural, software, etc. plans which are all subject to changes later on if your goals are not successfully achieved the first time around.

Plan ahead is wise advice for anyone who is doing complicated things to achieve desired results. Not planning ahead will frequently result in failure even though many plans are changed along the way to make goal(s) achievement possible since many plans are not perfect to begin with.

Good plans require much knowledge, skills, and experience and successful strategies and tactics are what experienced leaders are good at and good tactics are what experienced workers excel in.

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