Pain: n. a bad intense mental sensation which originates from an injured body subset(s) and the behaviors which exist with it


Physical pain is obvious but many humans speak of mental pain which is really a form of mental suffering or distress rather than actual physical pain itself.

Chronic physical pain is perhaps one of the worst fates which one has to live with and even though this is a large problem in old age for many, some accident victims also have to live with lifelong pain. 

The unfortunate thing is that humans tend to self medicate with pain killing pills and don’t correct the source of the pain which is the proper approach to curing pain related ills. Pain is your body telling you that you are mistreating it.

Bad posture, mental stress, back breaking physical work, accidents, stomach pain, absence of exercise, dental work, etc. are all sources of pain and most resort to pain killers to get instant but not permanent relief.

“Pain in the butt” and “pain in the neck” are really slang expressions indicating mental suffering and the corresponding behavior distress and not actual physical pain.

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