Ostensible: adj. communicating an apparent truth which isn’t true

Ostensibly you should drink water to stay hydrated during exercise. This seems to be intuitively true because you sweat or lose water during exercise. The truth is that as long as it is not in very hot weather for prolonged durations your water loss is really minimal and you don’t have to drink during regular exercise.

Ostensibly working your abs will target and reduce tummy fat. The truth is that localized exercise does not reduce fat in the exercised area.

Another ostensible belief is that eating fatty foods will make you fat. There are plenty of humans in society who can eat as much fat as they want and do not get fat because their metabolism does not convert eaten fat into body fat.

Many social myths are perpetuated because they have been repeated so many times that humans begin to believe them even though they are untrue.

Many myths exist in society which ostensibly seem to make sense but are not really true.

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