Noncoercive: adj. not using force and/or the threat of force to get a desired behavior(s) and/or thinking(s) and/or belief(s) in an animal(s)

If you do not use force or the threat of force on others then you are using noncoercive behavior or interactive techniques.

Some humans still resort to force and threats of force to get their way or to dominate others but it is increasingly becoming an unacceptable way of trying to control the environment with humans in it.

Abusive families are examples where force and the threat of force is still profusely used with some success and results in much misery for the humans involved in the abuse.

Coercion is the natural state of human nature and to be noncoercive is what being a civilized democracy is all about. Tyrants love to use force and the threat of force to get their way and rule and unfortunately oppressive forms of government and oppressive societies are still the norm and not the exception to the rule which democracies try to be.

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