Normal: adj. conformity with a standard norm of a set or subset and/or 100% of the subsets for a set

What is normal for one group of humans may not be normal for another group of humans so normalcy is dependent on the group which you are talking about.

Normal public behavior is more restrictive but even here normal public behavior in different cultures can vary considerably.

Special occasions have behaviors which are not considered normal in most other instances. You can dress up on Halloween and go trick or treating and many communities will let you get away with setting off fireworks on the fourth of July.

Humans have their own strongly held opinions on what normal food, normal drink, normal dress, normal behavior, normal cars, normal houses, and normal stores are.

Humans are creatures of normal habits and any deviation from them is usually considered unacceptable and there is even some fear associated with deviating too much from personal normal activity.

Many humans fear trying out new potentially healthy foods and drinks simply because it is not the normal thing which they do day in and day out.

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