Method: n. a frequently orderly frequently logical way of doing a subset(s) and/or how to achieve a goal(s)

A method is really a way of doing something or a way of achieving a goal(s).

There is frequently more than one way to do something and your personal way is your personal method. Your method may be more impulsive and spontaneous than someone else’s more logical method and may have more steps.

The efficiency of a method is determined by the minimum number of steps needed in the smallest amount of time.

A command for humans is frequently the fastest way to get someone to do something and there are many different ways to motivate a human into doing something(s).

In democracies compromise and cooperation is the preferred method for resolving problems and getting things done.

In dictatorial or tyrannical regimes conflict is frequently resolved with the use of force or the threat of force and this is even reflected in the family life of the culture where one spouse, usually the male, plays a dominant coercive role in family life.

The concept of equal rights and an attempt to minimize discrimination is methodology unique to western civilization and it is still not the preferred method of getting things done in most of the rest of the world.

Much of modern progress and innovation is the result of the scientific method being used in the world and it is unfortunate that the scientific method and its strength in prediction is not directly applicable to human morality and the study of human behavior.

The real reason that human behavior can’t be studied scientifically is that the definition of variables is too vague and there are too many variables to make rigorous math equations. Only statistical norms  or ballpark approximations are possible with no cause effect predictable relationships.

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