Mislead:  v. to deceive which sometimes may not be willful

It is easy to unintentionally mislead someone with language which has built in deceptions.

Using a word or series of words with vague definitions can easily mislead a human. Confusing directions or complicated ones can mislead a human. Using the wrong words can obscure your true intentions and cause much misunderstanding, uncertainty, and even offense.

Beliefs and opinions often have many exceptions which don’t follow logically from a communication and it is not uncommon for a human to have an opposing belief and/or opinion.

Not reading an emotional state correctly can mislead you into thinking someone is angry, upset, jealous, happy, sad, etc. and they may be in an entirely different emotional state.

Your intentions may be pure and truthful but communicating clearly without misleading or even offending is not always possible.

Politicians can be very deceptive and when they are doing so intentionally then they are misleading you intentionally. What makes political deception so believable is that some truly believe in their sloganeering dogmatism or propaganda.

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