Meaningfulness: n. communicating relatively accurately making a personal subjective and/or objective correspondence(s)


Humans can seemingly be meaningfully communicating with each other about topics which have little or no objective meaning to others. Ghosts, paranormal activity, teleportation, and out of body experiences are passionate discussion topics for some and for others it is an excursion into futile fruitless discussion with little or no meaning at all.


You may be delusional and immersed in feelings and thoughts about yourself with little objective correspondence to reality so your meaningful inner world is something which is highly subjective and something which only you are experiencing.


You view or interpret the world in your own subjective way and it is all based on your prior experiences, beliefs, and opinions which you use as a filter to view the world with.


Historically humans felt that good and evil spirits ruled the world and affected their lives in very intimate ways. Humans sought meaning and behaved accordingly by trying to please the good spirits and displease the evil ones with  worldly gifts and rituals.


Humans who have short and long duration goals are the ones who feel that they are leading the most meaningful lives. Humans who learn nothing new, have not learned to set and achieve goals, and don’t associate with humans that much are the ones who often feel that they are leading rather meaningless lives.


Do something, learn something new, and have good relationships is the key to leading a meaningful life in this seemingly meaningless world for some, especially depressed lonely individuals.

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