Limit: n. determining the maximum and/or minimum of a subset(s) which can be communicated as a (degree and/or quantity) and/or (number and/or a point(s) in space) and/or determining a time beyond which it is (impossible and/or undesirable) and/or forbidden to move and/or determining a behavior beyond which it is (impossible and/or undesirable) and/or forbidden to move

There are physical limits and behavioral limits or norms and laws beyond which it is impossible or undesirable to go in the short or long duration.

Ignore physical limits and an accident, unhealth, or even death is the result.

Ignore or disobey social norms and the probability that you will have bad relationships with most other humans increases.

Disobey a law and the chances are great that you will be punished if caught by authorities or informed on by onlookers who provide evidence to authorities.

Some groups and many criminals form to secretly to pursue undesirable or forbidden social behaviors. Some social norms are disobeyed privately since there is generally more freedom to behave as you chose or want privately.

The smart human is well informed on physical limits and tries to live within them. A socially smart human limits behavior within moral limits and only disobeys morality in some relatively rare emergency circumstances, especially if a good reputation has a high priority in their public lives.

Criminals can have a good reputation among other criminals but not in public once their criminality or immorality is publicly known.

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