maxresdefault (1)Laconic: adj. using a relatively minimum amount of spoken words to communicate meaningfulness which frequently implies disinterest


If you are speaking and being brief and to the point and doing so understandably then you may be considered concise, abrupt, or even sometimes rude but rarely laconic.


If you have no or little interest in talking about a subject then you may show it with brief quick unemotional responses using few words with usually broad somewhat vague generalities frequently difficult to understand fully and that is what laconic really means.


There is no such thing as laconic writing because most authors are truly interested in what they are writing about and it is almost impossible to write and convey disinterest throughout a written work.


There is no such thing as a laconic written phrase because you can’t express disinterest in writing unless you qualify it by writing- said laconically or said with disinterest because there is no emotional or feeling word which conveys disinterest. Something boring or dull may imply disinterest within the word itself but is not explicit disinterest.

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