Kill: v. to murder a lifeform(s) with logical justification(s)

Humans kill domesticated and sometimes unfortunately wild plants and animals for food which is justified because humans must eat to survive.

Killing for fun is also done too and justified because of overpopulation of wildlife because of the absence of natural predators.

There are even killing ranches where animals are bred to be shot by hunters for profit.

The humane society kills many injured, diseased, and unwanted pets and animals, especially when the supply exceeds the demand and when the animal shelters are filled to overcapacity.

Humans are killed in selfdefense when threatened with a lethal weapon and killed in wartime in selfdefense from violent aggression and this kind of killing is also logically justified.

It should be a costly crime to kill wilderness plants and animals because it will be our safety net for healthy food when irresponsible and myopic destruction of healthy domesticated plants and animals continues with the use of toxic chemicals, factory animal farming, unnatural GMO’s, and monoculture agriculture.

Organic healthy food is the only hope of not having to resort to the use of the wilderness safety net of healthy food in the near future.

Conserve and even expand wilderness at all costs!!!!!!

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