Irresistible: adj. not resisting because a subset(s) is too powerful and/or (powerhful and/or attractive) and/or (tempting and/or convincing)


Theoretically almost no behavior is irresistible or something which you can’t say no to, with the exception of autonomic normal body functions such as sweating and heart beat and only temporarily can you resist a normal body function suchas peeing or defecating.  


You can say no to most irresistible behaviors but realistically you would be stupid trying to resist some irresistible things by saying no to them.


Some good and/or bad things are irresistible. Some are so inadvisable to resist that you can’t realistically say no to them.  A very good job offer may be so good that you would even quit a secure job with a good guaranteed income to pursue it so you can say that it is an irresistible job offer. 


There is a danger in many seemingly irresistible offers which are really too good to be true or bad and you can lose much money or even your reputation pursuing the irresistible offer(s).


A promised huge short duration profit is the deceptive irresistible con many can’t resist because of their basically greedy nature. Gamblers and financial investors are frequently enticed or tempted by promises of million dollar wins or over 10% returns on invested money. Much to their dismay many wind up losing the money instantly or become victims of Ponzi schemes where they lose all of their invested money or a major portion of their money after a few months or even a few years.


Some females and even males become so irresistible or so attractive to some opposite sex humans that the humans become obsessive stalkers and become guilty of criminal harassment.


Powerhful politicians, business humans, or celebrities can become so irresistible that they are hounded by loyal, devoted, followers who will do almost anything to get their autography, see them in person, or interact with them in some way personally.


Some kinds of military forces are so overwhelming with powerful weaponry and numerical superiority that they could be called irresistible and the enemy or opposing forces have been known historically to flee or surrender under such strong military power because it is irresistible.


For some males some females become so irresistible that they will spend much of their wealth on them to the point of bankruptcy trying to maintain the female’s attention or maintain sexual relationships with those females. This also applies to some wealthy single females who are coned out of their money by amorous irresistible male con artists who become irresistible to them.


An argument, a discussion, an attempt at persuasion, or an opinion(s) backed up with convincing facts may become so irresistible that agreement or belief in it or them is almost guaranteed.

Food and drink is irresistible because we all need some to survive physically.

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