Irrationality: n. not using reason and frequently doing a wrong and/or very deviant ((communication(s) and/or behavior(s)) and/or action(s))

You can communicate irrationally, behave irrationally, and start irrational actions done by a machine and/or robot.


Irrational communication frequently starts with too much impulsive relatively random logically unconnected or unusually structured statements and ends by confusing the receiver of the communication(s).


Irrational behavior(s) are very deviant from social norms and are subjectively judged by humans to be crazy, very bad, or socially unacceptable and undesirable.


What someone judges to be irrational may be totally rational to another human because irrationality is frequently impulsively judged without thinking and if enough accurate rational thought went into the judgment process the conclusion or judgment might be in actuality rational and not irrational.


So much human judgment is impulsive about irrationality. Few really stop themselves to think something through logically. Logical reasoning is not the natural state of the human mind so almost all judgments about irrationality are very personally biased and very subjective in nature.


Most true logical or reasoned thinking exists when someone takes time out to think in solitude. However, the real truth is that even in solitude humans who are thinking aren’t thinking logically because there is no educational institute of learning which teaches logical thinking and how to make logical correspondences between badly defined words which have vague and inaccurate meanings themselves.


Try to think logically which means making accurate correspondences. Use vaguely or badly defined words in your thinking process and the result is confusion. Unless you know the logical definition of the words or concepts which you are thinking about the claim to logical or reasoned thinking is a myth or untrue.

The degree to which logical or reasoned thinking is possible is directly proportional to the accuracy of the words and concepts which you are using.

Think with vague and badly defined words and concepts and you are not being logical or using reason to solve problems which need solutions.

Science has succeeded and excels in logical thinking and reasoning because most of the words used are accurately defined and have been verified experimentally to be true.

The exception is theoretical physics which is limited by unknown, vaguely or even inaccurately defined words and concepts.

Lately resorting to analogies as a means of explaining the mythological theoretical physics concepts is a colossal failure with analogies such as “free lunches” ,”worm holes”, “bubble universes” etc. appearing in theoretical physics explanations of concepts to the gullible public. Prove an analogy? Mission impossible!!!!!!

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