Like: v. to sense low intensity pleasure for a subset(s) and the behaviors which exist with the sensing of samer subset(s)

The above definition is a comprehensively complete but the subtle differences between liking and loving are not intuitively obvious and need further explanation.

We behave somewhat differently with something that we like compared to something which we might love. We generally don’t care as much for something that we like and our desire to interact with it is not as urgent or as frequent. We also generally get less upset when deprived of something which we like rather than something which we love.

Liking something can sometimes grow into a loving relationship once mastery of a likable activity is achieved or once the true desirable identity of a total personality is revealed.

Loving can also sometimes decrease to just liking with too much exposure or too much interaction which can result in boredom and some repulsive feelings. Overdosing on loving behavior is a definite possibility and it is one reason why most infatuations decrease in intensity with the passage of time.

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