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Feedforward is an assumption that if you let someone chose from a list of behaviors of what they want to improve that it is a “fun” experience for humans because there is no criticism or evaluation involved in the process.

Unfortunately feedforward as a concept is open ended which implies no evaluation of progress in the future towards the open ended goals chosen.

Feedforward is a myth with “fun” attached to it because theoretically there is no future critical evaluation of any progress or absence of it. This makes the feedforward concept an arrow without a target or not knowing where the arrow will land. To put it in more definite terms it is a promise of goal(s) achievement without an evaluation in the future of whether the goal(s) was achieved or not.

Feedforward is a useless open ended concept without any necessary feedback at a later date.

Feedforward is motivating humans to achieve a goal(s) and then not checking back with feedback to find out if the goal(s) were reached and if not why not?

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