Insurance: n. promising compensation if damage and/or destruction to a subset(s) will exist in the future and frequently samer compensation is promised for an amount of money given


The world is filled with all kinds of dangers and potential future dangers which scare many humans and they would like assurances that if those dangers strike them then they will be protected or compensated for any physical and/or financial injuries and/or damages.


Most insurance is paid with cash monthly or yearly installments and these can become especially burdensome and very high priced such as health insurance with the general population getting unhealthier and unhealthier with each passing year.


The drug companies make the premiums even higher with costly drugs prescribed by physicians which just mask the symptoms on many occasions and just make the situation worse with many side effects treated with more expensive pills or drugs.


Healthy eating of organic food and sober living are the best preventions against the most important danger to you which is an unhealthy body and mind.


The insurance industry is increasingly becoming a monopoly where competition is no longer an insurance against exorbitantly high insurance premiums so frankly most housing, car, and health insurance should be a national standardized rate based on the standardized risk assessment of each individual citizen. There should be guaranteed insurance for preexisting conditions which most private insurance companies try to drop from their membership or coverage.


Risk assessment or actuarial tables should be public knowledge so that the risk assessment for each individual can be made and an adjustable payment into the government system proportional to the accident and health history of each individual.


The same cost of insurance for the accident prone and unhealthy citizen versus the responsible accident free and healthy individual is unjust and any just national health insurance should demand higher insurance premiums from the more irresponsible high risk members of society.


Working citizens may still choose to go with private insurance company coverage if they so desire with more compensation due to any specified injury. Those on welfare will have insurance coverage standardized to fit their welfare allotments but the accident prone unhealthy members will have to live on more meager welfare benefits than the healthy accident free members on welfare.


This is only a transitional system designed for the ultimate solution or transition to a just society which is Capsocialism with capitalism for the working class and socialism for the welfare class. The totally dependent welfare class will not get any spending money from the government but will be totally dependent on government with no money for discretionary spending.  Only free education via the internet and basic needs will be provided door to door by an efficient private supply system and no rights to motorized vehicles in which to roam the nation looking for fun and excitement.


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