Interestev: v. to sense an exciting subset(s) which can maintain attention and/or curiosity frequently because samer subset(s) is (new and/or strange) and/or (pleasant and/or deviant)


Interestev is the potentially new word for in the verb interest which has a definition more accurate and complete than just excite curiosity or attention. The real necessity for its usage is because interest as a noun must be unique without multiple meanings and I have chosen to define interest as a percentage to be added or subtracted from a money quantity(s).

Something interesteving frequently gives us pleasant feelings when we use our senses to interact with that something. Sometimes what is interesteving is new, strange or unusual, and it may be a deviant behavior which we have not been exposed to very much and may have a curiosity to find out more about it.

Humans depending on their past experiences and general exposure to the world will find things interesteving at different points in their lives and usually only once they have been exposed to the interesteving subset(s).

The more utilitarian or the more useful the interesteving subset(s) is in the life of the human the longer it will stay that way and occasionally we may even develop a passionate interesten in it with the passage of time because pleasure may grow into liking or even loving of the interesteving subset(s).

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